Tall and awesome since 1980

As I'm writing this I am sat with a sore head after just banging it on one of the lowest ceilings we have in the house. We are in a elite category of human that can physically do ourselves damage just by walking in the house. I'm Andrew Boast and this blog isn't just about banging heads, tall people have way more going for us than that.

The experiences of a tall person are completely different to the average sized person's world in some ways, but we are so alike in others. At the end of the day, tall people can be the largest person in the room and still feel the smallest in their mind.

At 2.03 meters or 6'7'' I've always been tall. School photos I was at the back, theme park rides I was always able to get on, night clubs at the age of 14 were no problem - shoulders back and walk in like you own the place. In fact when I was 11 my best friend's dad thought his wife was cheating on him because he saw my man size shoes at the front door - I had size 15 shoes from the age of 13.

My goal for this blog is to share life experiences and insider tips from our perspective. Being tall is a gift that I am thankful for but during my life I have sometimes found it hard to accept that. I also set myself limitations - because I am tall I wont ski, well that's stupid because I can now snowboard. What about wakeboarding, yup I can do that. Scuba diving? I've swam with sharks. Tall and fat? I am now down to 26% body fat (I've always struggled with weight thinking because I was tall it is ok to be fat or even I'll never be thin).

Extra Legroom is my voice of personal experience and I hope it helps empower you to go out there and be the very best version of yourself with ZERO regrets. We only get one go at life - so let's live it the the tallest!

Do you play basketball?

Nope! Useless at it. But I can play badminton, tennis, rugby, football, volley ball, pool, darts, cricket.

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