Wizz Air A320 Extra Legroom Seats

Andrew Boast
I am writing this currently sat on an Wizz Air A320 flying to Wroclaw in Poland with budget airline provider Wizz airlines. At 6’8” I dread the whole experience of budget airline flying and for obvious reasons. The general ethos of budget airlines is to sell cheap and to ‘pack em in’ as tightly as possible. Add to this unallocated seats, you can feel the stress building as you realise all the exit row seats will be gone by the time you make your way to the plane.

Sitting in a confined space as a tall person can cause cramp, muscle spasm and in the worst cases, Deep Vein Thrombosis (read more about DVT for tall people here). If there is no way to pre-book the extra legroom seats then you could be faced with a long flight in pain.

Read the Civil Aviation Authority rules on exit row seats.

Budget airlines with added benefits

Budget airlines are changing though, offering priority services and bolt-ons; and why not. If the budget airline flyer will pay more, then why not offer them an option to do just that. Wizz understand this and can offer the solution to tall people to save their cramped legs.

Are you eligible to get extra legroom? – Read this article about the exit row seat rules.

When booking with Wizz you can choose two options; Basic or Plus

Flight Ticket
Flight Ticket
Online check-in
Free seat selection (Inc premium seats)
1 small cabin bag
Unlimited online flight change
Refund to Wizz Account
Free airport and online check-in
Small personal item onboard
Large cabin bag
32kg check-in bag
Express booking

The Plus selection comes with a whole number of added extras, however the most important one is the option to choose your own seat which can guarantee getting a seat with extra legroom. The other added perks were good as well, especially the priority boarding where you don’t queue for check-in or boarding. The question is – How much do you have to pay to get extra legroom on a Wizz budget airlines flight?

Additional Cost for Wizz Air A320 Extra Legroom Seats?

The Plus package increased the flight cost by 50% more than the basic flight. This meant our flights to Wrocslaw were £135 compared to £90. For me paying more to be able to choose my seat to get the extra legrooms is worth every penny. It does however throw up the question – why should a tall person have to pay extra to get a seat that they physically need to sit in?

Surely allowances should be made for tall people who cannot fit into the standard seats on an Airbus A320 without having to pay 50% more compared to smaller passengers.

Extra legroom seats on an Airbus A320

The A320 typically seats 150 passengers in a two-class cabin – or up to 180 in a high-density layout for low-cost and charter flights. Standard seats on an Airbus A320 have around 30 to 32 inches of leg room between the seats.

For the budget airline Wizz they look to use the higher density layout which means the extra legroom seats are in rows 1, 12 & 13.

You can see the seating plan for an Wizz Air A320 Airbus here on Seat Guru.

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