10 Things only tall people understand

Andrew Boast
Being tall is amazing, however for tall people (read my blog to find out how tall is tall) you’ll be aware of some of the things you do or get asked, just because you are tall. For many tall people you get used to it or you do what a 6’7” 17 year old called Logan from North Carolina does and create a card you present to anyone who asks “Do you play Basketball”, which is predominantly responded to with the answer “No” (you can read the Metro article about Logan here).

From first meetings to pet hates, these are my top 10 things that only tall people can relate to.

    Ducking through doors
The average size of a UK door is 1981 x 762 x 35mm, so for anyone who is 6 foot 5 inches and taller, you are going to be ducking your head, or banging it. Interesting though, the average height of a door frame in the US is 6 foot 8 inches (that’s 206cm) giving more clearance for tall – which is interesting because the average height for a man in the US is smaller at 177cm (5 foot 9 and a half) compared to the UK where the average height is 178cm (5 foot 10 inches).

    Low mirrors
Doing your make-up or combing your hair is always done with a bent neck or by doing squats. Most mirrors are set to an average height of around 177cm (5 foot 9 inches).

    Standing at the back in photos
Whether it was class photos, wedding pics or family albums, the tall person is sent to the back. Although you can understand that it makes the photo more symmetrical and you can fit more people into the photo (view able instead of hidden behind the tall people).

    Can’t fit in a bath
Can you believe the average bath size in the UK is 170cm (5 foot 6 inches) so the majority of the UK has to sit with their knees bent to enjoy the warmth of their bath. Now for those who are above average height you have to accept that both upper body and lower body can’t be in the bath at the same time.

    Can’t fit in a sports car
I recently sat in my friends new BMW i8 – well, when I say sat, I mean I did a yoga move to try and fit inside the front seat and then gave up; desperately trying to stand back up again. Sports cars a notoriously smaller, lower to the ground and as such a nightmare for tall people.

    Tall men peeing causes more of a splash
Sounds like a crass observation, however the fact of the matter is that tall when weeing from a higher height are going to a) have a greater chance of missing the toilet/urinal and b) will create more splash as the wee comes from a higher height.

Tall men need to turn into sitters not standers!

    Clothes don’t fit
This has been the bain of many a tall person. Once you are over a certain inside leg measurement, you can never find trousers or jeans to fit you in high street stores. High & Mighty and Long Tall Sally have been the mainstream option for a long time, however M&S has started providing longer inside leg trousers, chinos and jeans – going up to 35 inch long.

Get in contact if you are struggling to find trousers or jeans to fit as I am contacting the high street retailers to get the opinion on why they don’t offer more selection for tall people – hello@extralegroom.co.uk

    Do you play basketball?
One of the most commonly asked questions a tall man gets is if they play basketball. For many, the answer no, but you have to accept that by asking this question, the person is trying to create a conversation and starting with the most obvious thing to ask.

    Is the weather colder up there?
No, much like it isn’t especially warmer at your height.

    Showers hit your chest
Unless you install your own shower, you are most likely faced with a shower that is going to be tilted up to its maximum and pointing at your chest. There is hope however as the new craze for ‘rainfall showers’ is just perfect for a tall person as they are normally installed at 7 foot high, or the height of the ceiling.

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